You know I am absolutely amazed at the resilience of the human spirit. In the face of dreadful tragedy there are some people who, through determination and dedication, can create something very positive out of it. Such a person is Megan Dodd.

Megan, a fund raiser for RACQ Careflight, married her great love Paul in December last year. They travelled to the UK for their honeymoon and it was there that tragedy struck. On Christmas Day Paul slipped and fell down a flight of steep and narrow stairs, hitting his head a number of times as he fell. Critically injured Paul was rushed to a hospital in the UK, not expected to survive the night.

Now I cannot imagine how Megan felt that night, away from all her support and assistance; her husband of only 24 days on life support and grimly hanging on to life. Perhaps it was then that Megan found the steel in her soul so evident later, but one thing I am sure of, Megan never gave up hope that Paul would survive. And survive he did, and gradually he improved enough for his removal to a hospital in Australia.

If we had to face such a monumental task – where would we start? Paul, in a coma, needed expert assistance throughout the flight. What airline could or would provide that? It was assessed that Paul would need the help of a Doctor plus two nurses to escort him back to Australia – and the cost was unthinkable. You know, if this was a fairytale it would be about here that the fairy godmother entered the story! Well she did.

Megan’s colleagues at RACQ CareFlight heard of her plight and were determined to bring both her and Paul home. What that meant to Megan we can only guess, but on the 19th February this year CareFlight set out from UK on the delicate task of bringing Paul home. Megan of course was by his side.

Paul is now in the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital, being the only location that can supply the round the clock medical attention that Paul needs. And that is the great problem that is facing Megan today. After surmounting all the difficulties she has had to face up to now, Megan now faces the realisation that there is no hospital or hospice for young patients, like Paul, to provide them with the round the clock attention that they need in an environment dedicated to their support. There are about 6,000 young Australians in a similar situation to Paul, who are either in aged care or in general hospitals.

With Paul now stable in a mid level coma, and showing small signs of improvement daily, the hospital now has to charge his family $300 per week for his support. I have met Megan, and was impressed with her determination to ensure that Paul had every possible chance to hopefully continue to improve; and to create an environment dedicated to that care and support. So she created the Dodd Foundation.

The Dodd Foundation is dedicated to raising money for the ongoing support and care of Paul, and through that to extend this opportunity for others in similar circumstances. I am a mother of both a son and daughter. If my son was in a similar situation I would want such a doughty fighter as Megan firmly on my son’s side – and if it was my daughter who had to face such heartbreaking circumstances that Megan has faced I would be tenacious in my support. It is this consideration that has fuelled my determination to help in any way I can.

Trischel is in agreement, – this is a cause that we can support totally. So this is our personal appeal to you, we want your support as well.

Megan’s great friend, Kym, has got together with the people from Connect Working to create a fantastic opportunity for Brisbane businesses to support this cause. On the 1st of November, at Tattersall’s there will be held Brisbane’s Biggest Networking Event – A Charity Gala Evening.

The money raised this night will support the Dodd Foundation, and of course that fantastic Fairy Godmother organisation – RACQ CareFlight. It’s not often that we can go out dressed up in our finest, have a great time and help a most deserving cause at the same time.

There are some great things on offer with a mini art gallery featuring works from well known local artists such as Frances Taylor, which will be up for sale. A charity auction will be conducted with great prizes donated by Brisbane Businesses, such as a computer package and other great products and services. But your entertainment has not been forgotten, that fabulously funny “Faulty Towers” will be there to tickle the funny bone and loosen the wallet!

So – how can you help? There is a variety of corporate sponsorship available and a gold level sponsorship will see your company logo decorating a staff member’s t-shirt throughout the night. What a novel way to get your logo recognised – watch out for Trischel’s! And what a fantastic networking opportunity – make sure that you top up your business cards; you wouldn’t want to run out.

So why not go straight to the website and find out what you can do to support this cause – sponsor the event, or book your ticket on line – but go and check out what’s on offer at

Megan has said that she firmly believes in miracles, and given her story she has reason to. But we too can help her with small miracles of our own.

So this is my unashamed appeal – will you help?

Michele @ Trischel
Sponsors of Brisbane’s Biggest Networking Event

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