A gesture is a specific body movement that reinforces a verbal message or conveys a particular emotion. Mostly they are made using the hands and arms.

Gestures should be an outcome of your own personality but following suggestions can be an effective way to start on your use of gestures in your presentations.

  • Respond naturally to What you Think, Feel and Say – use your natural tendency to gesture in normal conversation and incorporate your natural gestures in your speech. If it doesn’t come naturally practice in front of a mirror, watch for the natural movements and build on them.
  • Create the Message for the Gesture not the Gesture for the Message – a good gesture comes as a response to the spoken word and should be a natural outcome of the message.
  • There are four types of Gestures: descriptive, emphatic, symbolic and prompting. Choose the right gesture to enhance your verbal message.
  • Make your Gestures convincing – when you use gestures they should be animated, lively and appropriate to the message.
  • Gestures made above shoulder level are said to be ‘strong gestures’ indicating strong emotion.
  • Gestures made below shoulder level are referred to as ‘soft gestures’ indicating calm, softer emotion.

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