Zeal is the attitude you will have when you next do any public speaking or presentations, after following the A-Z of public speaking and putting into practice the tips and techniques we have provided in our journey through the public speaking alphabet.

Take the time to practice each of the techniques.

Remember your Audience – know who they are and what you want to convey to them. Breathing is essential to public speaking – practice the techniques to give you the breath you need to shine.

All speeches need Conclusions – make sure yours do what you want them to do. Don’t forget your Dictionary when you are looking for the right words to bring your speeches to life.

Eye Contact is essential to ensure the audience is taking on board your message and that you are making the right connections. Familiarise yourself with your venue, your audience and with speaking.

Add life to your presentations and speeches with your Gestures. Humour can assist in selling your message – it will bring your audience closer.

Inspiration can come from anywhere – be open to all the topics you can speak on and keep suggestions in your notebook. Jargon can be confusing – keep the words simple and appropriate to the audience.

The Key to public speaking is the balance between the intellectual content and the emotional connection to the audience. Listening assists you in preparing your speeches and getting your message across. Listen to what is required and what the audience is saying.

Avoid the pitfalls of Microphones. Make sure you practice and become familiar with their usage. Be Natural, be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else –it won’t work.

An Organised speech will flow and your ideas will be presented to the best advantage to connect with the audience. Take time to be Organised. Practice Practice Practice – it will ensure your speeches and you shine.

Quotes illustrate your ideas, highlight your points or are a great opening or closing statement. Be aware of the potential to misuse Quotes. Silence can be a powerful tool for the public speaker – remember to keep the balance between too much silence and not enough.

Have respect for Timing. Keeping to Time is respecting the audience, the organisers and your fellow speakers. Allow your speech to flow smoothly, avoid the Uhms – those vocal pauses for thought.

Your Voice is the basis for the audible communication process, and in public speaking it is a very important part of our tool kit. Words are the building blocks of public speaking. They can inform, inspire, instruct, tantalise and confuse.

‘EXcitement’ –without creating excitement in your audience you are going to miss that emotional connection which is so important in persuading your audience to your point of view. Say Yes to every opportunity to speak – it will take away that fear of the unknown.

Thank you for coming on our journey through the alphabet of public speaking. Enjoy your public speaking and your presentations. Approach each opportunity with Zeal and shine.

Trish @ Trischel

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