The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.  ~William James

When we need a job, we can look on the job interview with an attitude bordering on terror!  But if we take positive steps to Organise ourselves before the interview; if we make a determined effort to make our Outlook a positive one; we can make that terrifying interview an Opportunity to be grasped and exploited.

Preparing for an interview shouldn’t wait until we get the request to attend one.  We should be preparing for it even before we send the application in.  An interview needs as much careful planning as any more pleasurable event; and if we see it as an opportunity we will be motivated to give ourselves the best chance to shine with some thoughtful pre-planning.

Why have you chosen to apply for this job?  What is it about this company that could be attractive to you?  Is this the industry you really want to work in?  All these questions will probably be asked at your interview; so don’t leave thinking about the answers until the last moment.

What qualifications will enhance your chances?  Organise them to be at your finger tips.  I used a display book with all my paperwork organised in date order.  Check your references to see that they really refer to the requirements of this job.  Sometimes when we have prepared an interview book, we forget that our references may not really relate to this job.  If we have a reference that lauds us for being good with animals, it may not be supportive when applying for a job in fashion retail. You should know your referees well enough to be able to ask them for a reference which specifically addresses the requirement of this job for this interview.

Don’t forget those volunteer and hobby activities which enhance your chances.  Make sure that you have references from your colleagues and file them away so that they are easily found when you are nervous and shaky!

You need to research the job and the company and make sure that information is available; and use it to prepare your own questions for the close of the interview.

Organise yourself well before the interview.  What will you wear? Make sure that it is clean and pressed the night before and hanging ready to use on the day.  Polish your shoes and clean out your briefcase and/or handbag.  Nothing is worse than trying to find a piece of paper in the bottom of an overcrowded briefcase or handbag. If it is a piece of paper you think you may need, put it in the Interview Book.

And, if you think you might need a haircut, then you probably do … so organise an appointment at least a couple of day prior if possible. Now, you have organised yourself to look like a likely candidate who has all the required paperwork immediately to hand; you will feel cool and calm, and certainly appear in control.

And there is one more thing you can organise; and that is your outlook.  Going into an interview with that sinking feeling that you are never going to get the job, can be self-fulfilling.  With an expectation of failure, you can indeed fail to impress.

If you take a more positive outlook in with you, then you are open to every opportunity to impress your ability and quality on the interviewers.

Outlook and Opportunity go hand in hand – if you look upon the interview as a real opportunity for you to succeed, to accept the challenge, then you will demonstrate that confidence in the interview. 

If I am interviewing I am looking for someone that not only qualifies for the job, but who demonstrates a real determination to achieve it.  If you show me you are interested enough to know about my company; that you are positive that you have something to offer – and are willing to go just that one step further to grasp the opportunity; then you will be on my short list.

So why not look at the positives and be determined to see every job interview as that opportunity you have been waiting for:  and if you organise yourself and your outlook there could be another ‘O’ word waiting for you … that is the job Offer!

Michele @ Trischel 

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