Great news! You’ve got the interview. So now you’ve got yourself into the room, how can you create a good impression?

How about paying attention to your Gestures, your Grammar and, most important of all, be Genuine?

Overcoming the nerves to make a confident entrance, creating a strong and enthusiastic presence can all be undone if we do not pay attention to our Gestures. A really positive attitude can be undermined by what you do with your hands and arms. Gripping chair arms, or folders with maniacal white knuckles tends to convey a very different picture to the one you have been trying so hard to achieve.

Nerves can prompt you to wave your arms around far to much and I have seen the sorry sight of one candidate wipe the whole contents off the table in front of him with an trembling sweep of an out of control arm.

Again, nervous tension can lead to you constantly changing positions in your chair; but a fidgety person bobbing around in front of them is more likely to irritate and distract your interviewers, rather than convince them of your true worth.

And even confident people can find themselves trying to talk from behind a hand in front of their mouth; scratching themselves; fiddling with watches or ear rings, and any number of nervous tics and mannerisms – avoid them please, they do not enhance your chances.

So seat yourself comfortably, place any folders either on the table to your front, or keep them firmly on your lap. Put one foot slightly in front of the other, which helps to prevent fidgeting and place your hands loosely together in your lap. Lean ever so slightly forward and smile. You are ready to begin.

During the interview use small and close gestures to emphasise your points, and always return your hands to your lap between questions.

Then, to support that cool, controlled image leave the Grammar of the workplace and pub where they belong – in the workplace and pub. Make sure that you do not lapse into inappropriate slang, buzz words or vernacular speech. I always tell my candidates to address the panel as they would their old fashioned granny – if it would shock your grandmother, it’s probable that the panel won’t like it either.

And while it is acceptable for you to try to keep your nerves under control, to avoid mannerisms that may give a completely wrong impression and avoid inappropriate language – the real you must shine through. You must be Genuine – and that means genuinely interested in the job, genuinely qualified to perform the tasks, genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunities and – of course genuinely determined to do your best to persuade the interviewers that you are genuinely the best candidate for the job.

Gracious – that’s a gloriously gratifying Goal!!

Michele @ Trischel

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