Apart from searching the want ads and using the internet Family and Friends are often a hidden resource for finding jobs – use them. Word of mouth can often bring that valued job to you quicker than anything else.

When you are searching for a new job put the word out to your network of friends and family. Let them know what you are looking for, ask them to keep an eye out for anything of interest and pass the information on to you.

Also remember family and friends when you are putting together your resume and looking for references. It is okay to use a family member or a friend for a character reference as long as you include work references.

Use your family and friends as a sounding board when you are preparing for the interview. Run your responses to common questions pass them. Get them to help you with some mock interviews so you can get a feel on how to present yourself at the interview.

So, family and friends can be a great resource and assistance. Remember to use them.

Part of preparing for the interview is the need to familiarise yourself with the company, the job details, the location of the interview and the method time required to get to the interview.

Do your research on the company – the number of employees, what their vision is. Find out more information on the job and what is required. Especially look at where the interview will be held and how you will get there. Time your self by doing a practise run. Will you be driving – if so where can you park, what will the traffic be like at that time of day? If going by bus or train check out the schedules and work out how long it will take you. Is there a long walk at the other end – allow time for delays.

These may seem like small common sense items to note. However, it is often the small issue that can trip us up and make or break our success. The worst thing you can do at an interview is be late – so taking the time to familiarise yourself on the options of getting to the interview can be very important.

Family, friends and familiarise – words to remember when you face that next interview.

Trish@ Trischel

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