Here are a few Dos and Don’ts to think about for your next interview:


• Smile at the interviewer and look them in the eye when you meet, and when you leave.

• Maintain lots of eye contact during the interview

• Sit comfortably upright, and lean slightly forward

• Take your time answering questions,

• Look and sound interested and enthusiastic

• Speak clearly and loud enough to be heard above any outside noise

• Be willing to defend your point of view if called on to do so.

• Make use of information which will help your case

• Carefully qualify your answers to ‘hypothetical questions’

• Ask your questions with reference to the position when given the opportunity

• Remain silent when finished speaking.


• Slouch in the chair

• Fidget with hands

• Panic if there is a period of silence – do not leap in to fill the void

• Be evasive in your answers or try to bluff

• Argue with the interviewer

• Be aggressive, superior or a know-it-all

• Allow yourself to be aggravated if the interviewer becomes aggressive. Answer calmly

• Speak too quickly, or too quietly

• Volunteer any information about your real or imagined deficiencies

Dress appropriately for your interview. Be aware of differences in dress when going for interviews in different countries or different industries. For example, in Australia it would be appropriate to wear suits and ties for senior levels, but if the job is for a building tradesman, most employers would be surprised and amused if you were to attend the interview similarly attired. In England the appropriate dress is usually less casual. Check out dress requirements by observing workers in the company or do some research with the HR department as to what the dress code is in that particular work place. Avoid excessive jewellery and short skirts for women.

For your next interview – think about some of the above dos and don’ts and dress appropriately and you will be on the way to getting that desired job.

Trish@ Trischel

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