Before the Interview you should boost your chances by preparing and researching. Research the company to find out all the information you can. The more information you have the more impressive you will look in the interview. If there are special projects the company is involved in then have that information available to produce at a suitable opportunity during the interview. Research questions that may come up in the interview and practise answers to those questions. Find out where the interview is being held and check how long it will take you to get there. Is there parking available or is it close to public transport. The night before make sure you have all the paperwork you need and check out the clothes you will be wearing. There is nothing worse that rushing around in the morning and risking being late.

This preparation will boost your chances of shining during the interview and getting that job.

Body language can play an important part during the interview. Interviewers will pick up on the non verbal signals. If these don’t match what you are saying then they will get a confused signal and are more likely to go with the non-verbal indications when making an assessment. Present a relaxed image – don’t slouch – sit comfortably and project an open interested image. Lean forward – this will indicate interest. Avoid playing with jewellery, watches, clothes or hair as this may indicate nervousness.

Maintain eye contact. If this is difficult for you, you can give the appearance of making contact by looking just above the eyes or just over the shoulder. Making eye contact with the interviewer when answering questions will involve them in your answer.

Keep your gestures small and close to the body. Using gestures will add to your verbal message. Large gestures however, could lead to knocking things over; so match the gestures to your environment.

Take the time before your interview to boost your chances by preparing and research. During the interview utilise good body language to make the maximum positive impact that you can achieve.

Trish@ Trischel

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