There is an old saying: ”A journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step.”

Well my journey began many years ago when I took my first step to conquer my fear of public speaking. It has been a journey fraught with many highs and some lows; and it is a journey that is still in progress.

Along the way there have been some great moments, milestones in the journey. There was my first speech and I still remember the nerves, the shaking and fear. But I also remember the feeling of euphoria and excitement on completing the task and finding that floor didn’t open up and swallow me and I had survived.

There was my first coherent, concise and understandable answer to an impromptu question. An answer that was longer than 20 secs and contained more than just yes, no or maybe. I have learnt how to face these questions and answer them. I learnt how to listen and I can truthfully say now that I enjoy impromptu questions.

There was my first win in a speech contest, my first successful training session and my first success at leadership in my job and in Toastmasters.

And then there was a big milestone my meeting with my business partner Michele and forging our team as trainers. Which of course lead to the bigger milestone of opening our business Trischel to explore our passion for training and our passion to see and assist change within people.

Last night was the biggest milestone yet; the culmination of a year of learning to blog and 4 months of writing, putting our book together and publishing it. Last night was the book launch of our book “Learning Can Be Fun – Trischel’s Book of Blogs”.

We networked, caught up with friends and colleagues, ate and sipped champagne. We read from our book and we signed heaps of books and yes we sold books as well.

We were authors and last night it became real. We savoured the moment, looked at each other and thought what a journey – then we looked again and thought on to the next milestone. Perhaps another book – most definitely another book – we will keep you informed. Some exciting training sessions with new clients ahead – oh yes the bookings are coming in. Speaking engagements – yes those too are coming. Many milestones to come and many milestones to savour.

So to those who are on your journey – my wishes go with you. Make sure you enjoy your milestones as they come. If you are travelling but feel like you are not getting anywhere don’t give up – find that extra UMPH to keep going – your milestone may just be around the corner or just over the next hill. Too often we give up too early when with just a few more steps we could be there.

If you haven’t started your journey remember that saying: ”A journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step.” Reach out and take your first step on your journey and look forward to enjoying your milestones.

Trish @ Trischel

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