The difference between try and triumph is just a little Umph! Marvyn Phillips

I have had this quotation sitting on my computer desk for the past few weeks now. Every now and then it has caught my eye and I have sat and thought that’s interesting and then moved on.

Then the other day a couple of things happened in the Trischel office that made me realise just how appropriate that quote can be in our daily lives.

How many times have you given up on a project or a dream because things were getting too much, too complicated or it just seemed all too hard. Too often we come close but fail because we either don’t identify the “umph” we need to finish or we fail to apply it.

Sometimes the “umph” may be a tangible factor; perhaps it could be money, or resources. However, 90% of the time the “umph” can be identified as attitude – a positive versus a negative attitude. We let our negative self talk loose when we hit that barrier or challenge and we talk ourselves out of pushing through to completion. We give up!! It’s all too hard!! It wouldn’t be a success anyway!! It’s already been done!! I can’t do this – I haven’t got the talent – I ‘m no good – I haven’t got the time. Do these comments sound familiar?

This is where you need to say Stop! Stop that downward spiral and start thinking positive – switch to positive self talk. Push that extra mile, look for those resources. Say to your self – I can do this, I have got talent , yes I am good , yes it will succeed.

Thomas Eddison summed it up in his quote: Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

So are you involved in a project that you are thinking about giving up… If so stop take another look. Search for the “umph” you need to go on… change your attitude… step back look at the project with new eyes, talk to someone, re-look at your goals, visualise your success. Need some help – look for a mentor, a business coach, attend personal development seminars, upgrade your skills.

Remember Stephen Bradbury the Aussie Skater in the 2002 winter Olympics – he could very easily have given up – he was not expected to win. Yet he kept going giving his best and because he was there and giving his best, he was there when the opportunity came and he won that gold medal.

Find the “umph” in you – keep going and celebrate your triumphs.

Trish @ Trischel

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