… does you good – or so I’m told! And who am I to argue?

In fact we have actually proved that it is so; we are walking scientific experiments!

Over the last few weeks Trischel has been very busy with training workshops, courses and speaking engagements. One week we were off to Melbourne via Canberra; the next Sydney via Melbourne returning to Brisbane on just about every domestic airline known in Australia.

We have flown out at the break of dawn, and arrived back at the close of the day. We have, to put it in a nutshell, not been absolutely sure if we were going or coming, or whether we had been or gone!

The inevitable outcome of such a hectic schedule is an overwhelming sense of tiredness, and because we train using the adrenaline system – (we are passionate about our topics) while we can still raise the energy during the sessions, we have been experiencing a loss of energy after the event.

And then we arrived in Sydney – dashing in from Melbourne after storms had closed the airport not once but twice; anxiously worrying if we would ever get to Sydney and what would they say if their guest speaker did not arrive at the breakfast function? But finally, after being offloaded, uploaded and settled in we took off during a break in the weather and eventually landed in the city of The Bridge!

It was dark, rainy and a cold wind was slicing through our Queensland clothes, but the taxi driver was cheerful and he dropped us off at the Grace Hotel with a friendly wave.

Then we walked into the hotel and stood agape!

It had been the Grace Brothers uptown store built around the 1930’s – the décor was strictly art noveau; stained glass shades threw magical lights around the reception area; the lifts were panelled with polished wood, and the bed when I finally collapsed on it sank under my weight and cocooned me in soft blankets and an even softer bed cover.

The bathroom was a demonstration of splendour in the old style, with a bath that could have held the complete family (if that was your thing!) and the dutifully complicated shower arrangement to cater for the less traditional.

It was heaven!! Pouring ourselves a glass of red wine, we toasted the splendour of the past – and while modern hotels can be classy, comfortable and grand – there is something about the unadulterated opulence of the early 20th century to does it for us.

A night spent in the Grace Hotel re-charged our batteries for at least another four weeks – which is a good thing as I have just seen the Trischel calendar for next month – and it’s more of the same!! Perhaps I can persuade our admin to book us into the Grace again – for medicinal purposes only, you understand …

After all … a little bit of what you fancy does you good, and I really fancy another overnight stay at the Grace!!!

Michele@ Trischel somewhere around Australia

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