I am afraid that I awoke with a severe case of ‘Mondayitis’ today … which is unusual as I actually love Mondays as a rule. After a hectic weekend, the husband disappears and I am left to my own devises to do as I wish. It is a delightful feeling… usually.

Alas, this morning I awoke with a faint sense of doom and for the life of me I can’t work out why. So being a believer in ‘mind over matter’ I decided to take steps to raise the energy levels.

There are a number of things we can do if we are lacking in energy and the first one surely must bring a sparkle to the eyes – after all it’s food. I have a little book which lays out all the food you need to be full of bounce and energy throughout the day. Start with an energising boost of fruit and vegetable it declares – but I’m not convinced. I am a vegetarian with a liking for fresh food straight from the plant to my kitchen, which is why I maintain a rather large kitchen garden. Freshly prepared carrot, celery and apple juice is my very favourite pick-me-up … only this morning it hasn’t; picked me up that is.

So what about tip number two from my book – “fresh is best” it intones. Well I know that and it doesn’t help on this Monday morning, so what’s next – “kick start your day with guarana – a fantastic herb from Brazil’. Well I have a very large herb and spice cabinet, but guess what … no guarana. And I can’t help myself to the universal cup of coffee because I don’t drink it.

Sigh .. no help there. Back to the book. It suggests that a creative burst of exercise can help us generate energy. Has it not occurred to them that one needs energy to burst into exercise and as I don’t have any at the moment, it seems unlikely that I am about to find some only to waste it in creative exercise.

Another book suggests that perhaps ‘going with the flow’ might be the answer. “The body is telling you that you have overstressed it and it wants a break … so take this opportunity to curl up with a good book or listen to music. Switch off from life and take it easy.”

Oh the temptation; but unfortunately I have to go to work later and there is no help for it. We have training courses later today and I think Trish might notice if I am not there.

It is really amazing that with all the self help books around there doesn’t seem to be one that tells you how to cope with ‘Mondayitis” I know that before change can be made, there has to be recognition that the problem exists. There needs to be an understanding of the reasons behind the problem and often big results can come from small changes. The problem as I see it is that I cannot make the small changes that will bring about the big results until I have an understanding of why I woke up with Mondayitis.

And that’s where the trouble begins. I went to bed with a big book and a small glass of port; I listened to some really relaxing music. My cat was curled up behind my knees again as bribery and corruption worked in solving the conflict of interests (My warm and fuzzy teddy bear is propped up at the bottom of the bed!) All was right with my world. And then I woke to … Mondayitis!!! There’s no explaining it.

So I am sorry that I will have to cut this blog short as I am still trying to find a solution to this puzzle. I hope to be in a better frame of mind on Wednesday. Let me check the calendar for the date …… oh for goodness sake, that’s it.

School holidays are looming – no wonder I awoke with a sense of impending disaster! That explains everything. I feel so much better now that I am just going out for a quick jog around the block before curling up with a good book for a least an hour. The rest of the day can take care of itself.

So back to work dear readers (that’s you not me!) My heart is lightened, my smile has returned and there is a spring in my step because there is still one more week to go before my granddaughters’ school closes – one more week of freedom.

I am going to make the most of it

Michele @ Home.

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