“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in heart forever.” – Native American Proverb 

As human beings we are almost conditioned to respond to stories.  They are part of our culture.  From early times our history and our laws were passed down through stories. The story teller was an important person in the tribe. There is still a place for storytelling in our lives and in business. Stories help us make connections and remember important events and that’s exactly what makes storytelling the perfect tool in business. 

As a public speaker stories are used to connect with the audience.  Stories allow the speaker to showcase teaching points, share a message, and show their genuine side to the audience. 

In the same way you can use stories to connect with your clients. The stories can be about the wins other clients have had. They can showcase the journey the clients have taken with you and how you have helped them to overcome their pain, their issues and their problems. 

You can share your story with your clients so that they can build on the like, knowing and trust. When a client can connect with you through your story and see that you know what you are talking about, that you have been there and gone through the same journey; then they are more likely to want to do business with you. 

Stories help us see how a product or service can fit into our life. Stories are a way to get past the pure facts and figures and show how a product can benefit us, how it can solve our problems and how it can make a difference. Stories can motivate us and inspire us in a way facts and figures can’t. Weight loss stories are the perfect example. 

You can give all the facts and figures – how much weight was lost, over a certain period. However, if you share a story about the mother who loses 10kg and can now play with her children, keep up with them and plans to be active and around for a long time; that story will connect and remain in people’s minds better than the facts and figures. 

Storytelling is all about sharing information in a way that’s relatable and memorable. It’s about creating emotion and motivating your audience. It’s a powerful tool that’s helpful in any aspect of your business, be it reaching a larger or different target audience, getting them on your list, or closing the sale. 

Polish up your story telling skills – work on the word picture, the structure and your presentation.  However, remember to ensure that the story is relevant to your message, your passion, your service and/or your product. It must be story telling with a purpose. 

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Trish Springsteen 

Multi International Award Winner Speaking Mentor Coach Author Radio Host 

Trish typically works with introverts, authors and advocates helping them to have the confidence to step up and share their message with those who need to hear it.  

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