“In Public Speaking it is fine to have roles models – but we must speak in our own unique manner. We cannot be another ‘them’; we must strive to be a better us’.” Trish Springsteen International Award Winning Public Speaking Mentor Coach Author

There is a lot of talk around about authenticity and it really is vitally important.  People will work with those they like, know and trust.  You cannot build tha

t rapport with someone who is not genuine, who is not able to come out from behind that mask of uncertainty and step up and share their message.

So why do we hide behind those masks and pretend?  Mostly it is because we are not confident, not too sure of ourselves – if something happens and it doesn’t quite work out then we can pretend that it wasn’t us. It happened to the person wearing the mask not me the true person behind the mask.  That’s a great coping technique, however the problem is that the audience is not so easily fooled and they will very soon realise that you are not being genuine.

The other reason is that we often try and copy that great speaker we saw and admire. We try to be just like them! However, what works for them may not; and in most cases, will not work for you. You need to find what works for you – what are the natural techniques you have as a speaker – polish them and shine – stepping out from behind the mask and being you.

When you drop that mask, you will be able to more easily connect with the audience.  They will see who you are and respond to your authenticity.

Some tips to help you get rid of the mask:

  • Have the courage to be you – yes I know that it is easy to say and sometimes not so easy to do. Take a deep breath and have those 20 seconds of insane courage – it will be worth it.
  • Accept that not everyone will like you and that is okay – you will connect with those that do. When you realise and accept this it becomes very empowering. It has nothing to do who you – perhaps your message is not for them.
  • Let your passion shine. If you have a message that is so important that you are ready to step up and speak then show that passion – believe in yourself, believe in your message and the audience will believe in you.
  • Want to make that connection with the audience. If you don’t reflect that commitment in how you walk out into that speaking area, in how you present yourself then you are not being true to yourself or your message.
    Chatting in Cafe
  • Share your experiences and stories.  Audiences relate to stories and when you share yours you are revealing who the real you is.
  • Have a conversation with the audience. Don’t talk at or to them – speak with them. Just like you would if you were sitting in a coffee shop have conversation with a friend.
  • Ensure your body language and eye contact is congruent with your message. People will more often believe what they see over what they hear.  If your body language does not reflect your message then you will be sending mixed signals to the audience.
  • Remember it is about the audience not you.  You are there to share your message for them. It’s about what they will get from your message – perhaps one or two words could be all that will make a difference in that person’s life.  You are there for them; to share your story for them not you. It’s amazing how freeing that can be when you realise this – how much easier it is for you to relax and be you.

Let your passion shine when speaking about your business to audiences, clients, staff, or suppliers. Be you.

Trish Springsteen

Award Winning Public Speaking Mentor Coach Author

Trish typically works with published authors helping them to turn their books into keynote presentations and with introverts giving them the confidence to come out from behind their computers and share their message and passion.

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