One of the vital aspects of personal growth and success, whether in business, your career or personal life, is your mindset and limiting beliefs. You know, that negative little voice that says you can’t do this, you won’t succeed. Those limiting beliefs that say you don’t deserve success, you don’t deserve to make money, you aren’t good enough. 

We all have them at one stage or another. The key is to change that mindset and those limiting beliefs.  

Here are 8 lessons that I have learned over my years speaking, being in business, and being an introvert: 

  1. Understand your potential. You can achieve amazing results when you put your mind to it.  Own your expertise and open yourself to growth and challenge. Believe in yourself, your expertise and your message. It took me many years to realise my potential and it was not until I fully and completely believed in myself that I realised what I could achieve. 
  1. Learn from mistakes. Treat mistakes as a challenge and a learning exercise. If we didn’t make mistakes we would not have the opportunity to learn. How boring would that be?  Instead of dwelling on the negative feeling of something not quite working right – think about how it could be changed, what could be done differently and include that in your thinking the next time you approach something similar. 
  1. Embrace change. Life is a series of changes. Every time we move forward something changes. That is what makes life so exciting. If we didn’t move forward and things didn’t change we would stagnate. There would be no growth, no excitement – nothing new. Focus on the present moment, and be prepared to adapt to whatever circumstances come your way. 
  1. Take responsibility. You are in charge of your life. The only person who has absolute control of you is you – you can change how you react, you can change your attitude – no one else. Hold yourself accountable for the outcomes you create. It is very empowering when you understand how much you are in control of you and your reactions. You have the choice to be angry, to be upset – you have the choice on how you will react. Exercise that choice. 
  1. Know your strengths. Everyone has things that they are good at. Identify your individual strengths. Know and accept what you’re good at. Build on those strengths and use them. All too often we focus on the things that we can’t do rather than on what we are good at. 
  1. Be aware of opportunities. Be open and prepared for opportunities when they come. Give yourself the best chance to step up and say yes. For me having speaking skills has always given me the confidence to grab the opportunities that have come my way.  
  1. Connect with others. Surround yourself with likeminded people who will support you. Plan and attend network meetings. Think about joining a mastermind group and of course look for mentors to assist and support you in your personal growth. Build those communities. 
  1. Listen to feedback. Ask for supportive, constructive feedback. Feedback provides information for you to see where your strengths are and where you can enhance your skills. Feedback can also provide you information on your programmes and workshops. What is working what isn’t. Take all feedback in context. Look at negative feedback as a challenge and opportunity to learn. 

Do any of these resonate with you? Which ones? What lessons have you learnt? 
Love to hear your thoughts 

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