I have attended many workshops as well as given quite a few of my own and it always amazes me how people react when they are asked to give a Video  testimonial.
They either refuse to give a testimonial or they get the courage up to give one then ramble and fail to make the most of a golden opportunity.
Whenever you are asked to give a testimonial – do so – it really is a golden opportunity for you to advertise your own business whilst saying something nice and worthwhile about the workshop you have attended.  Testimonials are a marketing opportunity for you – use it, don’t waste it.
Why is it a marketing opportunity for me?  I hear you ask, I am talking about someone else’s business not my own? Yes you are – however, if you do the testimonial right you will also be advertising your own business.  Your testimonial if done correctly will be used by the presenter in many places – at other workshops, on social media, maybe even in print and each time it is used you are advertising your business and it is FREE! 
 All you have to do is follow a few guidelines:

  1. Step forward and say YES 
  2. Give yourself a few minutes to structure in your mind what you are going to say – if you are really proactive you will already have thought this through and have read this blog and the guidelines and are using them.
  3. Speak Clearly and don’t rush – use pause to highlight the points you are sharing
  4. Look straight at the video and speak as if you are speaking to a friend sharing the wonderful time you have just had
  5. Start with your name and your business
  6. Give 1 or 2 constructive thoughts on the workshop or event –make it meaningful and quantitative if possible.  Just saying it was great is not enough- if you can pick 1 or 2 points that will change or enhance your business it will be more valuable to the presenter and will ensure that your testimonial is used.  Work on sharing the benefits you have gained from the event.
  7. Keep it concise
  8. Finish with your name and your business

If you are asked to give a written testimonial then many of the above points will still apply – keep it clear and concise, make it constructive and quantitative if possible make sure you clearly include your name and your business.

So next time you are asked to give a testimonial don’t let that golden opportunity pass by step up and use it as a marketing exercise and be effective.  You will benefit and the presenter of the event will be duly appreciative.

Trish @ Trischel
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