I don’t usually watch cooking shows, however when I do, I watch MasterChef and I was lucky to catch last night’s show. Besides being in awe at those who can cook, I found the communication lessons that could be taken away from Wednesday’s show very enlightening.
The challenge last night was actually based around communication and team work.
So what were the lessons we can take away:

“Communication is paramount. Without communication you are doomed.” Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White
1. Know your goal – know what you want your communication to achieve – take time to think about what you want to say and how to say it. In MasterChef the winning teams took time to think about what they were doing and knew exactly what they wanted to achieve.
2. Be clear and keep your communication simple. Once you know what you want to achieve in your communication you need to ensure that you keep your communication simple and that it conveys your message and goal. Use appropriate words and language.
3. If you have a specific time frame to convey your message you need to be concise, clear and think. Watch how you structure your message – don’t waffle. This is what we are doing, this is how we are doing it, this is the outcome we want to achieve.
4. Listen! Listen carefully to what is being said – if you are not sure ask questions.
5. Follow instructions – if you are being given clear instructions to achieve a goal –follow the instructions. This is where teamwork comes in – trust in your team members. There is a time to question and add input in a team and a time when you need to follow instructions and trust that your team leader has a goal in mind and that you are on the way to achieve that goal.
A last comment on Teamwork – know your team – know the members in your team, their skills and what they can contribute to the team. If you know your members then you can better identify goals and outcomes that your members can achieve. In this case the teams that won picked dishes that every member in their team could easily identify with and cook and had concise clear communication.
The teams that lost – lost to poor preparation, not taking time to think, poor communication and lack of teamwork.
These communication lessons are lessons you should keep in mind in all your communication – last night in MasterChef it was getting a good dish cooked and winning. In your business your communication skills will impact on your productivity, your bottom line, your credibility, your time and your success.
Oh, I am still in awe of the cooking. Communication I can handle – cooking well I’m not quite there yet!


Trish Springsteen
Public Speaking Mentor Coach Author

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