Being you – In my opinion it is essential to be yourself when presenting – don’t try to be anyone else.  Being you brings validity and trust to the presentation.  An audience can easily pick up on anything false.  A successful speaker is natural.

Being prepared– Successful speakers not only know their presentation but have the confidence to overcome any setbacks.  Being prepared also means knowing your venue – where you are speaking, and what equipment you will use. Be flexible if your equipment breaks down and having backups and alternatives ready to go.  Successful speakers have confidence in themselves.

Knowing your audience– A successful speaker takes the time to ask questions, to know who the audience is and what they are wanting.  They make that connection with the audience.  This includes knowing the goal that you want to achieve as a speaker – what is the message or outcome you want your audience to take away.
Good stage presence – Successful speakers are able to move competently and confidently on the stage or speaking area.  They own the area and have a confident, controlled persona.
Total Package  – A successful speaker adds the body language, gestures, eye contact and voice to enhance their verbal message. They do it so well that there is no demarcation line.  The audience sees the total package and relates and connects with the speaker on all levels.
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