Conflict is part of any occupation where people group together.  It can start small with little impact but if not recognised it can grow until it can have an immense impact on the organisation. Without resolution conflict can destroy an organisation. To be able to take appropriate action to prevent such a devastating outcome, we first need to be able to recognise potentially dangerous conflict situations.
Disagreement and opposition are not necessarily bad things.  When we are part of a group some degree of conflict can be good for us, it generates energy, it forces us to clarify our ideas and opinions and provides us with a diversity of opinions.  So when considering conflict we need to first decide is this GOOD conflict generating positive creative energy or is this BAD conflict creating dissent, tension, anger and stress.
Conflict occurs when people have:
1,       DIFFERENT OBJECTIVES, VALUES OR NEEDS When team members have different values or interpret the company values differently – conflict can occur. If your staff have different needs, knowledge, training or monetary issues – conflict can occur. 
2.               DIFFERING EXPECTATIONS OF RESULTS.  When you want to achieve one thing, but someone else expects something different – conflict can occur.

3.               DIFFERING PERCEPTIONS – Sometimes our perceptions of the reasons for other people’s actions can cause conflict.

4.               UNWILLINGNESS TO FACE THE PROBLEM – When a problem within the group has been identified and yet one person refuses to face the issue of address the problem – conflict can occur
Can you identify any hotspots in your organisation or business??
Next post we will look at the 5 different stages of conflict before it reaches crisis point.
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