Do you have a message, a passion, a fantastic business proposal but you are not confident that you can communicate and share with an audience? How do you build your confidence so that you can be an effective communicator and speaker when you need to be and not hours later on the way home – or even worse miss an opportunity to shine because of a lack of confidence?
Here are 3 tips that will help to answer those questions:
1.      Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way to gain experience. The more experience you gain the more confident you will become. Just getting up and speaking will help you to gain that experience. Whether it is to just say a few words of introduction or to give a speech it will help you to realize that the floor is not going to open up and swallow you. Every speech you give you can learn from and every speech you give will show you that the audience wants to hear from you – they are not going to throw tomatoes!  At least they haven’t so far!  Take the opportunities that come at network meetings to get up and introduce yourself.  Practice your communication skills by saying hello to the other members of your network groups – they won’t bite!  In fact they are probably wondering the same thing as you – how do I get the confidence to say hello and network.
2.     Accept that you do not have to be perfect –you just have to be you and share your message. This can be hard to start with but once you allow yourself to accept this it can be a big breakthrough for you. Once you acknowledge that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them and become comfortable with whom you are, your confidence will grow.
3.     Ask for feedback from your audiences, from your friends and from your mentors.  The positive feedback you receive, and yes there will be positive feedback, will help build your confidence.  When you realise that people want to hear you speak it boosts that confidence tremendously and gives you a wonderful foundation to build on. Remember, that all feedback is valuable and keep in mind that even the not so positive feedback can be used to boost that confidence – they obviously enjoyed hearing you and want to help you take your speaking to the next level.  If they didn’t they wouldn’t have given any feedback.  How’s that for a confidence boost!!!
To get confidence speaking you have to speak – there is no other way to do it.  Start small and build on each occasion.  The more experience you get the more confident you become.  It is okay to not to be perfect – be yourself.  Get feedback the positive will boost your confidence and the not so positive will help you to grow to the next level.
And finally, have fun and enjoy your speaking and communication.
Trish @ Trischel
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