I have been interviewed many times, appeared as a guest on podcasts, summits, WebTV, Facebook Lives.  A question I often get asked is:  what advice would you give to someone starting a business?

Here are my thoughts and tips

1. Of course my first tip ha

s to be enhancing your speaking and communication skills. My passion is helping you to Get Known Be Seen, to make it easy for your clients to find you. As I share with my mentoring clients speaking and communication underpins everything you do in life, in your career, in your business. It is such an important component of connecting, sharing and business – yet so few people include speaking and communication skills in their personal growth. Don’t be one of those people – stand out and set yourself for business success – stand out, speak up and make it easy for your clients to find you and your business.  Find out how you can leverage your business with speaking.

2. When I am sharing how to create speeches and presentations, the very first thing I say is know your audience, know who you are speaking with and what you want them to take away from your presentation – what outcome do you want from sharing your message. This applies to your business – know your niche and microniche, know where you want to take your business – be clear about your journey because if you aren’t clear your clients and potential clients will not be clear either. Wandering in the wilderness is not going to progress your business or your speaking journey.

3. Be flexible – if something doesn’t work try a different direction. The greatest danger I believe, in any business or even in presenting a speech is locking yourself into a plan, formula or strategy without having the courage and allowing yourself the option to change if something doesn’t work, if there are challenges or other opportunities present themselves. Have the courage and the confidence to step outside your comfort zone, to take responsibility for your actions and to try new things

4. Timing is critical to presenting and speaking. It is also critical to your business. Learn to be smart and be effective with your time – repurpose and leverage are two of my favourite words. Look at where your time can best be spent for return on investment in your business.

5. My speaking journey started with a mentor who challenged me to get up,

speak and share my message. Get good mentors – make sure that your mentor resonates with your values and vision. It is okay to have several mentors. In fact your mentors will change as you grow in speaking and as your business grows.

6. The main factor that is the difference between a good speaker and a memorable speaker is how genuine that speaker is in sharing themselves and their message with the audience. The same holds true if you are to be a success in your business. You need to build relationships with your clients, your peers, your suppliers. These relationships are built on like, knowing and trust. You need to be true to you. Stand in your power and believe in yourself.

7. In organising a speech or presentation, whether it is one minute, thirty minutes or an hour you have to have a structure. An opening, body and close. Likewise in business you need a plan, business and / or personal. Have a vision, a mission and set your goals, plan to achieve, revisit and review.

8. Enjoy what you are doing – have fun. When you are speaking or presenting the audience very quickly knows if you don’t want to be there and will switch off. The same is true for your business. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing and want to be there you will find that your clients won’t want to buy from you or work with you. If this is you then maybe you need to change your business and try something different. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing how can you connect with your clients to work with you.

9. Network and make connections – build relationships and above all don’t be afraid to ask for help or assistance. Surround yourself with like-minded people to support you and push y

10. Don’t get caught up in the competition and worrying what others are doing concentrate on being the best you can be, being genuine and giving value. There is plenty of opportunity for everyone. Too often I see new speakers and business owners worrying over the competition – wanting to be just like them and failing because they are not just like them. You are you and are unique. Celebrate your uniqueness.

11. Work on your own personal growth – be open to new things and learning opportunities. Always move forward. If you don’t grow you become complacent and stagnate. In speaking and in your business be open to what is happening around you. What technology can work for your business, what new techniques and strategies can you try to be giving outstanding value to your clients and audience.

12. Listen – listen to what is going on around you, listen to your clients. What do they want – are you giving them the solutions to meet their pain?

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