I was giving some thought to the highs and lows of last year, lessons learned and challenges overcome as I prepared for a workshop I am presenting on Planning for Profit. This led me to think about my business and a question I was asked in an interview – what would you recommend to a person just starting out in business?  

So here are some of my thoughts and yes my passion is speaking and communication, so what better way to start than:  

1. Enhance your speaking and communication skills. Speaking and communication does underpin everything you do so give yourself a head start and be ready for those opportunities when they come. Those skills are going to come in handy when you pitch your business idea to investors, to potential clients and to potential joint venture partners.  The first time you walk into a network meeting and they ask you to do a one minute introduction, those speaking skills are going to help you present competently, concisely and coherently. Find out how you can leverage your business with speaking. 

2. Have a business and a personal plan.  Set your vision and your goals and put a plan and a strategy in place to achieve those goals. Revisit and review regularly – don’t check the business plan off your checklist, put it in a drawer and forget it.  

3. Know your niche and microniche, know where you want to take your business – be clear about your journey because if you aren’t clear your clients and potential clients will not be clear either. Wandering in the wilderness is not going to progress your business. 

4. Learn to be smart and be effective with your time – repurpose and leverage are two of my favourite words. Think outside the box for alternative solutions. Be flexible – if something doesn’t work try a different direction. Every challenge is a new lesson and step forward. Celebrate your successes. 

5. Get good mentors – make sure that your mentor resonates with your values and vision.  You can have several mentors.  Work on your own personal growth – take time to invest in yourself. Be open to new things and learning opportunities.  Invest in marketing skills – basic skills to give you an idea of what you can and can’t do and to know when it is best to bring in an expert. 

6. Enjoy what you are doing – have fun. If you don’t then maybe you need to change your business and try something different. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing how can you connect with your clients to work with you?  

7. Be true to you – stand in your power and believe in yourself. You had a message or a product or a service that was the reason you started your business – believe in that and have the confidence and self-belief to share your business with those who need to hear you. 

8. Don’t get caught up in the competition and worrying what others are doing concentrate on being the best you can be, being genuine and giving value. There is plenty of opportunity for everyone.  

9.  Network and make connections – build relationships and above all don’t be afraid to ask for help or assistance. Build your database – take time to build quality rather quantity. The same with your Facebook Group and Business Pages – go for quality rather than quantity. Plan on becoming an Influencer in your area of expertise. 

10. Listen – listen to what is going on around you, listen to your clients. You will get plenty of advice – listen and then decide what will work for you and what won’t. 

Hope you find these suggestions useful.  Don’t forget there are no failures, just challenges. Review and learn.  

 As Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” 

Love to hear your experiences and thoughts. 

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