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One of the first questions we are asked when we introduce ourselves as trainers in public speaking and communication skills is: “Why are good communication skills an asset?” A big question for a 30 sec response or a 2 paragraph blog!

The simple answer is that communication is the basis of all that we do be it at work, in the home or in our relationships. The quality of your communciation impacts on the bottom of line of your work, the smoothness of the home front and whether you have a relationship at all!!

Communication involves knowing the difference between hearing and listening… the ability to formulate and think of a response and then the skill to adequately articulate your response.

Often we think we are communicating but it is not until we stop and test for a response or feedback that we realise that we have been talking but the other has been hearing not listening. Research done in many companies has tested this theory. All too often sales departments give themselves a pat on the back because they feel they have been communicating when quite often a test of the other party finds that things are not quite as clear as they could have been.

One of the key components we emphasise is the power of listening over hearing. Hearing is great in itself but it is usually a general overall response. You can liken it to the chorus of the birds in the morning… you hear the general bird noise but to isolate one particular bird sound you have to listen carefully for that unique sound.

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