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bestseller Women on a Mission Book CoverWomen on a Mission

Trish Springsteen, Contributing-Author

Women on a Mission is an Anthology Compiled by Teresa Hawley-Howard and Published by Hot Pink Publishing. When this book was first born, it was meant to be an inspirational book with only about 20 stories, but quickly turned into the masterpiece you see today.

Read the stories of women, who, with shakey legs, wrote about their past. The transformations were like metamorphosis as they each wrote about a painful situation in their life. Women on a Mission is meant to heal because writing heals the soul. Enjoy and please leave a review.

From Wall Flower to Public Speaker – My Speaking Journey

“Any one from my early days looking at me today and at what I do would not believe it. I have come a long way.  It was not a smooth journey, there were many bumps however I believe without those bumps I probably would not be the person I am today. It is often the challenges that we overcome that mould the person we become.  How we overcome those challenges, our attitude and what we do with the lessons we learn all have an impact on who we are.”

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