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Trish Springsteen Speaking

New Year Reflections: Celebrating Achievements, Acknowledging Challenges

As we near the end of 2016 and are preparing to welcome in 2017 I have been, like many reflecting on the year. Here are some of my thoughts – as my mentoring clients know I prefer to celebrate the achievements, acknowledge the challenges and the lessons learned and look to the future. I like to move forward however small – staying still and too comfortable leads to stagnation.

This year there was movement forward – it may not have been as fast or as big as I would have liked; however there was movement. So I am celebrating that movement and looking forward to seeing it gather steam and explode into action in 2017.

There were lessons learned and challenges overcome – collaborations that just missed : not failed just missed and I learned for the next time. Out of those good connections were made. It would not have been a great year if there had been no lessons learned. Challenges and the lessons from those challenges are how we grow. No challenges, no lessons, no growth; you get stagnation. So I reckon last year was most certainly a year of growth.

I know my personality and I know I always prefer to believe the best in people. Does this leave me open for hurt – hell yes! Will I change absolutely not! Along with the disappointment and hurt from people come the fabulous experiences, the connections, the beautiful and fun friendships and the wonderful surprising words and support that come out of left field. Far outweighing the unkind words, many unconscious, from people who don’t realise what words can do. From people who for some reason want to pull you down. From people who for some reason don’t realise that there is plenty of pie for everyone. There is room for everyone in business, competition does not mean you can’t do what you love doing. You put your own unique slant on the business.  I love competition however, I love collaboration even more and that is one of the most important things that came out of last year – exploring collaboration.

In 2016 I explored joint ventures – some that are still to grow others that succeeded and have established foundations for even more growth in 2017. Working with Annette Densham has been out of this world; I so admire the integrity, talent, knowledge and caring of this person. Working with Maureen Wise was uplifting. Maureen is a person who adds zing with her personality.

Top achievements that I am celebrating:

27967519095_d42f07833b_k-1Awards won this year that I didn’t expect. Two international awards and an unplanned trip to San Francisco to receive them.

A Finalist in another award and a trip to Sydney – wonderful experience and I was able to take my husband along for this one.

My blog being acknowledged in the top 50 public speaking blogs for 2016, this was totally unexpected and very humbling to be included with outstanding bloggers.

I was excited to start as a radio host in the Coach on Fire Radio Network with my show Step Up and Speak Out with Trish. Oh boy this was most certainly outside my comfort zone. It had been something I had procrastinated about for so long and now I love it. I have had the opportunity to speak with so many wonderful people, to be able to give an opportunity to my mentor clients and other to shine. Very pleased to have guests lined up to March this year. If you would like to be a guest on my show please contact me and let me know a bit about your business and passion. Replays of my shows can be listened to at www.trishspringsteen.com/radio.

Becoming part of a global mastermind group has been so wonderful and certainly a big step outside my comfort zone. Every week I get a chance for sharing and experiencing and growing with such brilliant entrepreneurs with international viewpoints. Thanks Michael Brooks for the opportunity and for opening doors.

I have made some great connections which are fast growing into friendships. Connecting with Kylee Ellis – thanks so much Kylee for your energy and accountability. Elliot Kay – I appreciate your support and accountability. Carina Rosner Ghionzoli thanks for your unique viewpoints on overcoming fear. Sean Wyman – it has been a privilege to be part of your journey and see you publish your book. Amy Hackett-Jones – many thanks for your assistance and support in the mastermind group.  There are so many more connections – too many to list here  – my thanks to you all for your support throughout the year.

I need to acknowledge the continued growth of current connections and friends throughout the year.  Again so many that I cannot include them all here.  Thanks to Julie Mason who continues to be a friend and an awesome LinkedIn guru, to Anthea Moffat who keeps in touch and is a brilliant business strategist, to Claire Pink and Madonna Robinson for your ongoing support.

I so very much enjoy working with my mentoring clients and this year has seen some wonderful people that I have been privileged to be part of their journeys. Some have come to me from out of nowhere – just walked up and asked me to work with them (very humbling) others have stalked me and then come to me ( a bit scary :)) others I have been there at the right time – it has been wonderful. I am very much looking forward to the clients I will be working with and meeting in 2017. It has been a privilege to see your journeys and to have been part of those journeys Jan Muir, Tanja Turner, Debbie Ford to name a few. Again too many to share here – you know who you are and how proud I am of your achievements.

It would be wrong not to also acknowledge the support from my family – specifically my husband Peter who is truly the wind beneath my wings – who does all the running around in my business and with whom I was privileged to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in November, my mother Judi who is my finance director and who at 81 has more get up and go and knowledge than many who are years younger and to my sister Jacquie who has spent some hours helping me in the office and who as sisters do keeps my feet on the ground.

Last year I also had an intern for the first time.  If you get the chance to have one do so – Danielle was a great help and outstanding with systems. My database and filing system has never been so organised!

I have just realised how long this has grown. See you don’t realise how much you have to celebrate until you start writing and sharing. There are so many others who I have not mentioned here – my thanks and acknowledgement coming to you.

I have really enjoyed sharing this post with you. It is wonderful to look back on a year, to acknowledge the challenges and the lessons and to celebrate the achievements. More important to me is to recognise the connections and the people who have crossed my path, have influenced me, have inspired me, have begun a friendship with me, and to realise that in some small part I too have influenced and connected with others on their journeys.


2017 – a year of abundance – that is the word I have chosen for this year. Abundance in growth, finances, money, wealth, clients, business, health and family.

I hope your year is abundant and that when you come to reflect on 2017 your reflections end up being as long if not longer as this one.

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Trish Springsteen

Multi International Award Winning Speaking Mentor Coach Author

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