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4 Reasons Why Entering Business Awards Adds Value to Your Business

We have just had the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards – prestigious awards that are coveted by actors, producers, cinematographers, makeup artists, in fact everyone involved in the movie industry. Why because they know that achieving that high award will add credibility and increased profit to their career and business. Even being nominated for an award gives them increased visibility and market share.

So why don’t businesses take advantage of the numerous Business Awards available that they can nominate for – if it works for the movie industry it most certainly will work for businesses – large, small and in between.

Let’s look at what happens when you nominate and/or win an award.

  1. Just the mere act of completing a nomination form will benefit your business. When you step back and look at what your business is doing it will highlight for you what is working in your business and what needs polishing. It will prompt you to have another look at your mission and values statements, at your business plans, at your bio. Have you got testimonials? If not get them, if you do are they organised where you can reach them? You will realise just how far you have come in your business and what you have achieved. Something we don’t do very often is acknowledge our wins – we too often dwell on what is not working.

  1. Third party credibility. When you share that you have been nominated or have won an award you are sharing that someone else has taken the time to look at your business, has seen value in your business. Third party credibility is massive in moving your business forward. Potential clients pay attention and will often make their decisions based on third party credibility.


  1. Potential for media and opportunities to leverage your business. Spread the word about your win, your nomination, being a finalist on your website, throughout social media. Share it with the media – do press releases, talk to journalists, radio and TV. Awards give great opportunities for leveraging your business and shining a light on your message and passion.


  1. Networking and highlighting your message and business. Nominating for awards gives you an opportunity to network and meet potential clients, potential JV partners and build relationships. When you win you nearly always get the opportunity to deliver an acceptance speech. This is often one of the opportunities that most people don’t leverage well. The acceptance speech is an opportunity to acknowledge staff, mentors, those who have assisted you, clients. Most importantly it is an opportunity for you to showcase your message. Take time to prepare – most people don’t and their acceptance speeches reflect this. More information on preparing acceptance speeches can be seen at a prior blog post – 7 Point Acceptance Speech Checklist

Believe in yourself – take that power and Act – nominate for business awards and then Share. Share your nomination, experiences and wins with your clients, your tribe, your friends and the media.

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